Wind Mitigation Permit Number

Property built in 1982 but no permit records found. County bldg depth advised they only are required to maintain permit records for 10 years. Apparently, they purge the electronic records surprising but true. May have hard copy but not required to keep from what I’m told.

So in this scenario wind mit shows what?

Write down what you can prove.
Call the building department back and see if they have older records in storage or on microfilm. Certain municipalities do have them in storage and will get them for you…for a fee. :wink:

Thanks. On top of it waiting to hear back from county.

Thought this one was going to easy. Get there tile roof vapor barrier but no plywood. Certainly was an unexpected surprise.

What exactly do you need a permit record of? Sounds like an original tile roof. Year built is taken from the county property appraiser. Everything else is field surveyed.

Got it. New to business so each day learning more. Thanks.

If it is…that makes it 34 years old…which creates another set of issues! :slight_smile:

Yep, especially with no roof sheathing.:shock:

Must be one of them new fangled floating roofs! :slight_smile:

In another day or so it could really be a floating roof! :shock:

Nah, they’ll sink after the storm surge.:twisted:

:shock: All this work for $75 to $150 :shock: