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I have a house built in 1999 finished in 2000. I checked “B” for 2. ROOF COVERING due to the construction falling in the proper date range. The customer claims that since his home was built using Miami-Dade product approval he should get a “A.” The county building department website doesn’t specify what roofing product was used at the time or even who the roofing contractor was. At the time of the report the owner didn’t have any information concerning the roof covering being Miami-Dade. I said, if he’s able to provide proof the roof covering was Miami-Dade approved, I would revise my report. Is this correct?

He’s not getting an A.
The house was built in 2000.

A and B in South Florida will give him the same discount. What County?

I think he’s a CGC in Martin County.

No, not correct if the home is not in the HVHZ. The selection should be “D” without documentation. You can select A or B if you can show definitive proof that the roof covering installed on that house has a valid NOA.

True Brad.
We don’t know what county, never was stated.

Where was the house located?

I think that the B rating would be correct - under the “OR the roof is original and built in 1997 or later” - This is a different statement than the “OR (for the HVHZ only) a roofing permit application after 9/1/1994 an before 3/1/2002”

Not correct, if outside of the HVHZ. Too bad the OP didn’t see the need to tell us where the actual job was…

PSA ---- B. is only for if the home is inside the HVHZ (Miami Dade and Broward Counties), thanks

That is all :cool:

“…OR the roof is original and built in 1997 or later.”


huh wha