wind mitigation credits

Is it true that if a home does not have clips or straps there are no credits for a hip roof or a roof that was installed to comply with the 1994 or 2003 code. I just heard this from another inspector who heard it from an agent.

Each item is separate and is not dependent on one another.

It is true if the inspector marks ‘Unknown’ or ‘Unidentified’.

Which I hear is the newest craze by the re-inspectors…

Today, I have been at 2 properties that were recently re inspected by Nick’s favorite vendor…The one who may have some issue with paying inspectors…Both will be seeing some of their credits returned.

Found two 8 d shinners in the first and 3 nails in the attachments in the second. How come I can find these and the re-inspector missed them?

different motivation

Simply put, to the point and dead on target

I would suspect that low pay and from what I’ve been reading has happened to some on this board ( NO PAY ), would also play a big part in the motivation department. It’s probably harder to find those shiners Jay found when your not sure when the next paycheck is coming!


I will play the devil because I have been there. Weakest attachment remember, If the reinspector found and took a picture of a roof to wall with 2 nails are those findings wrong?

I could see that

Ah, the old, the roof will fail cause I found a strap with 2 nails, ploy! I was talking with an architect/PE recently who designs/seals thousands of truss designs about these points. Quite frankly, I was gathering info for a challenge for a coastal customer. My point is, say you find a strap with 2 nails or a plain old clip in the garage area of a HIP home but the main roof structure/main truss system, is fully strapped and double strapped on all main chords. so you have double strapping on the house and single or clip connections on the garage only (remember all main joists are double strapped). For those of you who don’t know, this home has probably been designed for wind speed of 130mph. So, what does the clip in the garage do to the wind rating? For our insurance carriers/reinspectors, it means CLIP. WTF? CLIP? In the mind of the designer, there is basically no point load at the garage and therefore no uplift. The home is designed with the uplift/point loads on the main truss chord connections on the house - not the garage. All vertical uplift is on the home thus it has been double strapped.

I have challenged this point with the carrier for my customer. So far, he has not been assessed the aggressive premium increase the carrier wanted. His home will withstand winds over 150mph, yet because of a clip in the garage, he is basically being rated at 100mph. to this customer, it is a difference of $18k per year.

Like I said, “different motivation”.

Just like this:

What rating does this get?

From an engineering perspective,

I’d be interested to know how 3 short nails are better than two much larger nails that are cinched (bent over), and attached to those 1/8 inch thick ‘straps’ we find on many of these older homes?

Eric, I know we pretty much go by the letter of the law here. Fill the form out and don’t make the rules, blah, blah, blah, and I’m not admitting to anything, but, if that were my client and that were the only strap that looked like that…


From an engineering perspective,

I’d be interested to know how 3 short nails are better than two much larger nails that are cinched (bent over), and attached to those 1/8 inch thick ‘straps’ we find on many of these older homes?

You mean, the ones that have withstood dozens of hurricanes and are still here, Jay? They are not eligible for wind credits. As a matter of fact, their premium is 3 to 4 times higher just because they are built before 2002 before you even look for credits. Age discrimination if you ask me.

Eric, your house is classified as Toe Nail.

Wink wink…nudge…nudge…say no more…!

I doubt anyone would find it as it was covered by insulation. The reason I looked is that there were several other wraps that were all shiny and new. The roof was replaced last year.

I told the client to go to the city and get the permit as well as any other documentation that went with the roof install.

Speaking of permits, Coral Springs no longer takes phone requests. You have to go to the city website and download their wind mitigation permit request form. Or, you can email me and I will send you an executable PDF file.

Wind loads are calculated to come from all directions and the weakest point would be the area that fails. Just because someone decided to place less strapping at the garage doesn’t mean you can ignore it because it is the garage. Assumning attached garage with integrel roof structure of course.