Roof over Question

Did wind mit 2 months ago, client had new roof put on since but installed shingle over shingle or roof over, if I re-write does a roof over (Total of 2 layers per code) count as a new roof? thoughts ?

If it was done with a permit and passed it counts to me.

Permitted and passed :slight_smile:

I wonder, does having two roof coverings on your home equal a SWR?:mrgreen:

I don’t know what the protocol is in your area, but if it met code, then…it meets code.

It would be a SWR just not one that get them a discount :frowning:

Counts for me…Until it is written otherwise on the form.

Yep. It’s a new roof. Watch the deck nailing, though. They couldn’t have renailed it.

Shure you can, just turn up the nail gun and shoot them right through the old shingles. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was kidding of course.

The roof decking was dimensional planking with 3 ea. 8d nails in each plank so it met the nailing requirements. So I guess it will get the new roof credit and nailing but not the SWR. Seems a little strange to me but hey that forms strange anyway :wink:

Thanks gentlemen

Would this be enough to prove SWR???..



Don’t see anything on there about a peel and stick barrier applied to decking nor do I see a brand name/manufacturer or FL code #'s. I would say no.

Nope…tear the roof off and show me the peel and stick…:shock:

Well that ain’t happening. So I guess the answer is NO!


I would send it in, mark it yes, and let the underwriter decide.

Not for me :slight_smile:

I’ve ran into carriers who will not give credit for a double layer AS roof. your client should be advised to check with the carrier to make sure

William-----I would tend to agree with you in regards to a roof certification inspection but this is regarding a wind mitigation inspection and no where on the B1-1802 form as you well know, does it ask that question! :roll: