Wind Mitigation Inspection with blocking

I need a little help with understanding blocking that I am seeing in the photo that was taken earlier today. I believe this would be within the 1/2" gap from the blocking, however, I do not believe it is less than 1.5" of the truss rafter. Please help.

Do you think they are all like that?

Yes, they are. We inspected the entire attic and they are all the same. The home was built in 1998 prior to the codes taking effect.

That’s a crazy one.
It looks like it’s more than 1.5" but can’t tell for sure.
Where’s @ddagostino

It’s 2 1/2". I am going to have to give him toe nails. That is just crazy. Just got a brand new roof installed and everything.

That’s for sure.
No bueno, sorry.
So every truss had that same configuration?

Roofers don’t upgrade or change the Roof-Wall connection, so that’s no surprise.

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There is nothing wrong with that. It may be weird looking, but there are four nails in the chord before it gets to the block. At worst, it would classify as as a non wrapped strap/Clip.!
Now this, is a problem and a prime reason that I am in favor of abolishing building depts and letting the banks be in charge of inspections.:slight_smile:IMG_8547|640x480

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