Unfortunate, New Wind Mitigation Requirements Will Impact Many!

This unfortunate homeowner will see his ratings change from Single Wraps to Toe Nails.

2-1-12  E & F, 045.JPG

2-1-12  E & F, 047.JPG

It’s a shame isn’t it Jay?

Please, please, don’t show measurements like that - they will soon want us all to go out there with a ruler!

You’re probably right.

Unfortunately, if the spacing** close to 1/2’’** you will likely have to provide a measurement.

If you don’t they may reject your inspection, or drop the rating themselves.

Just make sure you cover those with a lot of insulation!:wink:

Attached to the wall top plate of the wall framing, or embedded in the bond beam, with less than a ½" gap from the
blocking or truss/rafter and blocked no more than 1.5” of the truss/rafter, and free of visible severe corrosion.

He will just have to add a little blocking…

Question. So if you have just one truss that matches this description, it’s disallowed?

If the proof is there, then you would have to mark it as a toe nail.

What is the WEAKEST roof to wall connection?

hey anyone know how to find the permit application date for a home built in 1996 in miami. I just tried online for sh-ts and giggles and was not able to do so.

I guess that will be unknown until the owner can provide the info.

This new form sucks.

Mike, I spoke with someone from Miami-Dade yesterday and she said that online they only show back to 1992 or 1993. Anything earlier you have to request microfilm. Also, she says that every year they drop a year. So, next year they will drop 1992 and so on and so forth…

They don’t pull permits in Miami…you are wasting your time!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Call themMiami

The web site is useless.

LOL now that is the truth!

thanks guys. Poor client. This form sucks.