Wind Mitigation only inspections

Hello everyone. New member here. I am curious to see if I can get certified in wind mitigation here in Fl and start doing inspections while taking the online courses for the full HI exam and license. I’ve only finished 3 modules and would like to be out there doing something while I complete all the requirements.

Thank you.

I believe it would be no. Wind mitigation is an add-on to your HI license. You have to be a licensed HI first

Here is what you have to be…

Home inspector licensed under Section 468.8314, Florida Statutes who has completed the statutory number of hours of hurricane mitigation
training approved by the Construction Industry Licensing Board and completion of a proficiency exam.

Building code inspector certified under Section 468.607, Florida Statutes.

General, building or residential contractor licensed under Section 489.111, Florida Statutes.

Professional engineer licensed under Section 471.015, Florida Statutes.

Professional architect licensed under Section 481.213, Florida Statutes.

Any other individual or entity recognized by the insurer as possessing the necessary qualifications to properly complete a uniform mitigation verification form pursuant to Section 627.711(2), Florida Statutes

Thank you.

Thank you Roy. Great info.

Thank you Mike

I was curious of this too. My son is also studying to become a home inspector and has already taken the Wind Mitigation course. I’ve read the statute, and per the last option listed above it looks as if he would qualify with his current certificate. I could be wrong, but there’s nothing in the statute that states otherwise. Any other/new thoughts on this subject?

That requires the insurance company to issue you (or him) a “pass” on the other listed requirements. Not going to happen, but you can ask them.

They will (and have) kick back any form signed by an individual who doesn’t posses the required credentials. And they’ll make you prove it, if they have any doubts. Remember, they don’t like this program, as it gives discounts to policy holders. So they look for ways to invalidate the form, and not having the proper credentials is one of those ways.

Makes sense. I’ve had insurance companies ask for my credentials before.