Needed! Wind Mitigation Certification For Fl

I’m a FL Certified Residential Contractor and InterNACHI Inspector. I want to become a Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector for Florida. I have received quite a few calls for this service and would like to become certified ASAP. Does anyone have any input for me? I have heard of a 4 hour class if you are already a Certified Residential Contractor which I am, up to an 8 hour course costing $400.00. I can’t seem to find any real answers on the FL web sites.

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Yes, Contractors Exam School provides a wind mitigation inspection training class that not only certifies you but it is also good for 7 hours of continuing education for contractors including 1 hour for core requirements, its a 1 day class.

And they go over everything you need to know.

Attached please find the flyer with schedule. This week end on Saturday in West Palm, and Sunday in Miami.

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if you are a fl cert contractor you can sign the wind miti form without any othrt credentials. The form you will need to fill out is the . You must have a CRC,CBC,CGC, or be a licensed architect or engineer in the state of additional certifications are needed

There is a new Four Page form now (12-29-2009)

The last time I checked the MySafeFloridaHome website, the State is no longer certifying Wind Mitigation Inspectors as of June 2009. Has this policy changed? One of my inspectors and I took the course last year and passed the test, but were told that we could not get a certificate because of this new policy. If the State is still certifying people, where should I go to get the certificate number? Thanks!

Free, online, Wind Mitigation course

I need to take the exam for the 16 hours con. ed. When will you get approval? I took the education program but can’t get credit until the exam is posted!!! I know how slow the state of Fl is but Citizens should respond. can I help by calling Fl.?:shock: