roof to wall attachment

I was doing a wind mitigation inspection yesterday and I found this attachment and I don’t know what connection to click in the wind mitigation form, I guessing is Anchor bolts structurally connected or reinforced concrete roof but not sure, what do you think?







I would have to mark it as toe nail. The truss has only one nail in it.

Without more information, it looks like Greg is right.

Agreed with Greg Bell

Toe nail :frowning:

Thank you guys…

Toe nail, because the gap between the truss and the strap is too large, from the pictures you provided. BUT as this is the top of the truss, I would suggest looking further down as this is not the main connection. (Or shouldn’t be!). The trusses should be sitting in Hangers, and there may be other connections at that point.

Metal connectors that DO NOT meet the requirements of A or B

Looks like a single wrap that does not make the cut. = Toe nails - Metal connectors that do not meet the minimal conditions or requirements of B, C, or D