Wind Mitigation

I am new to nachi but am a residential contractor in FL. I have done hundreds of residential wind mits for the state through the my safe florida home program. With MSFH program ending I have been marketing and joined nachi. I had a insurance company ask me to do some on the commercial side. I am used to filling out the 1802 form for residential for which I am trained by the state. The commercial form (MIt-bT II & III) states that it must be signed by a general or building contractor, architect, engineer or building code official. After finding at GC to help me out, (basically I’ll teach him and he’ll get paid) The citizens ins web site states:

Only the following individuals may inspect and certify the mitigation features on the MIT-BT II & III:

  • A Florida licensed general, residential or building contractor
  • A licensed building inspector
  • A registered architect
  • An engineer in the State of Florida
    *]A building code official (who is duly authorized by the State of Florida or its county’s municipalities to verify building code compliance).
    Does anyone know if I could sign this form?

If you are a state licensed general contractor under Florida Statutes you should be able to sign off on the MIT-6 which is the Commercial Wind MIT Document. The MIT-BT II & III document is for type II & III Buildings.

That is the point I am a Registered Residential Contractor. The form states you need a Building or General. The website states residential, building or general contractor. I guess I need a clarification from Citizens directly.

What is the difference between a Registered Residential Contractor and a State Licensed General Contractor? Figure that out and you will have your answer. If you look at the MIT-6 Form you see they are looking for a License#, not a Registration #.

Are you regulated under the DBPR? If so you should be good to go.

All are state licensed; Registered means that the county sponsored your license and Certified means that the state sponsored your license. County registered can only work in the county’s they are registered in. While state certified allows one to work in all Florida without going through the licensing process with each county.


You Residential contractors license will work fine. That’s whate we use, you will have no problem with a RB #

Hope business is well.

I thought it would be OK, Thanks. If there is anything I can do for you let me know.

On the commercial the 1802 form is the universal form for any mitigation inspection since earlier this year. As far as commercial it is up to the insurance company to accept it or not. The law states for residencial only and some insurance companies even concider condos as a commercial as well.