Get into Wind Mitigation inspections, Pensacola, Florida on July 24, 2008.

The My Safe Florida Program ends Aug 1. More money for those of us that are trained but do not do them for the state.


I am a fellow NACHI member. Can you answer this question or send me to someone who can?

Can a Certified Building Inspector qualify for wind mits, or do they require a Licensed Building Inspector?

My son and I have been doing the wind mit through WCE’s and MSFH for over a year, but without the WCE or certification is inadequate. We would like to get certified independent of a WCE and MSFH. We are prepared to take the ICC Building Inspector exam which will make us Certified BI’s, but not licensed. That requires quite a bit more.

Please provide us with whatever info. would be helpful to us.

I appreciate your help.

George Hebert

I’ll call you