Wind Inspections

I’m a NACHI home inspector in the state of Florida. I do 4-point inspections for insurance companies. I’ve been receiving inquiries concerning wind mitigation inspections. Can I do these as a NACHI inspector?

Must be a certified contractor or have taken the MY Safe Florida Home Class

just because you take the My Safe Florida Home Class - it does not give you the authority to sign that form. If you work for a WCE then you can sign the form

Maybe this letter & exhibits (attachments) from a South Florida Attorney to multiple government officials may shed some light on the issues with My Safe Florida Homes, the WCE’s and the battle that is being fought to preserve our constitutional right to work while protecting the public interests and our tax dollars.

This was in response to a letter written by Florida’s CFO Alex Sink asking our State reps to revive the MSFH program.

Thanks to all, remember if you agree with the attached contact your State rep in writting and protest the WCE monopoly.

Jose’ F. Uz, CRC, CPO, CHI, CHC, M-NFPA, FHA-I, FABI & NACHI Certified Inspector
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