Wind Mitigation

Is our current wind mit class and state certification still good for the new form, is any additional training required?

I do not think it has changed yet but I am not sure.

I would be interested so I can learn how to accurately measure the roof on complex multi level roof systems.
I think we should get additional continuing credit if the material has changed.
I also believe it should show that we have learned the newwst ***IDEAS AND OPINIONS ***about the process.

Come on Mike,

A couple of dozen 6 ft scaffold jacks, some 16’ planks, and a couple of laborers…

That sounds about right.
I cannot wait to hear how it is taught so I can do it correctly.

For $399.99 per year you can buy a license to google earth. It will let you measure the roof from your computer

The only other way to accurately measure a roof is to a 100 foot tape (or longer, if they make them), have two people, and stretch it out along the corners of the roof. This will mean getting up on the roof for dutch hips and gables that are not accessible. Many of us are using the wheels. Those are great, except no two people will start the wheel in the same spot, and that will usually word, except in those instances where the measurement is so close that it might make a difference between a hip and a non hip.