New wind mit prices.

So who is going to raise their prices?

Be honest as we will all find out anyhow.

Comment to my vote.

If I choose to continue doing them.

Does anyone know how to make the pole public after I already screwed up and forgot?

If you have balls please tell us what you have voted.

I am already priced out of the market at $125.00. I guess I need to change my website to reflect another price increase. I’m thinking $275 to argue with the insurance companies re-inspector. Other than that I don’t want to do them.

How can the poll be split between respondents that answered over 100 and whatever it takes when only you and I responded? When I am thinking 275?

I expect prices to rise by 30%.

So that takes them from $75.00 to $100.00

I already charge $135 so my price will probably go to $150 or so. I am not swamped with wind mitts and that OK with me.

:shock:I am going back to my 2007 prices which will be 40% higher than I am now --I just love going backwards:shock:

Why would I change my prices? The form is still just as easy to do now as it was before…

Yeah especially measuring the roof and other crap… Not.

Only needs to be measured on a hip roof, which is quite rare in my area (maybe 15% of the homes). Plus, I already measure the roof shapes with a hip roof, unless its 100% then thats easy. Not like I am taking a tape measure to the outside of the building. I just take the dimensions from the county property appraisers website and use those.

Everyone will discover they will spend more time defending their report with the changes and if you get overruled in two years, my main concern is a lawsuit by the homeowner. this wind mit stuff is a little concerning to me

That is why when the new form comes out, there will be a disclaimer page on my reports.

The clients will likely get my disclaimer page before I head that way. I may also start figuring how to get paid up front because i do not go back for free. Especially for some a s s hole insurance guy.

I used to send them a tip sheet of what info to have ready and such but I think it caused a few issues so I discontinued it and just tell them on the phone and on site what they need. If they do not pay attention then it is their problem.

We are providing expert Reinspection reviews if anyone is interested, we also provide expert shutter identification through a network of industry experts from the International Hurricane Protection Association to certify the type of shutter system by manufacturer as 9 lb missile rated.

One important consideration is to make sure you have thoroughly documented everything in your inspection reports, this will save additional trips and remove the need for follow-up questions. The WH York Training course provides you with the information needed to correctly document inspections.

The new form is quite different since we were able to fix the sections that got messed up in the last round of public hearings. Roof Covering, Roof Deck, Roof to Wall, and Opening Protection contain important changes to clarify definitions and direct the inspector towards the proper choices, these are also the sections most commonly challenged on reinspections since they are frequently incorrectly marked.

Roof Covering now allows multiple types and requires either a Product Approval or permit to verify compliance, tile roofs can now qualify for credits. Photos of Roof to Wall connectors need to be clear and include detail to identify the number of nails. Roof deck no longer requires the number of end nails since the field nails are the critical concern. You should include at least 2 photos of field nails marked with a ruler/tape to give an idea of spacing and indicate the number of nails in a 4 foot section.

Opening protection may give some folks pause but is actually simplified. The overall rating is now based on the type of protection that exists on all glazed openings, then you select the appropriate corresponding level of protection for the non-glazed openings. If non-glazed entry/garage doors do not have labels indicating windload resistance they are unprotected. If they do have labels they are still unprotected but have evidence of windload rating. This information is not critical and providing it does not change the outcome of the opening protection credit since windload rated doors are still defined as Unprotected by the building code and the Loss Relativities Study. It does however help to identify the difference between a non compliant windload door garage door the is Unprotected and one that is actually large missile impact rated door.

Discussing price would be inappropriate and we should avoid any actions that can be construed as unethical or lead to the appearance of impropriety, e.g. collusion.


nonglazed openings are critical in HVHZ, all impact or no credit on new form.

OUTSTANDING IDEA!!:stuck_out_tongue:

A disclaimer may entice the home owners to back off. I do not know about the Insurance Co. What say you?:roll:

Any idea on the disclaimer wording?