American Integrity and No wind mits?

I had an interesting conversation with one of my Insurance agents today…simply put, he said he does not need a wind mit on any property 2002 and above for American Integrity Insurance.

He said the system automatically puts in the proper mitigation credits
and can figure roof shape per Google Earth…???

Anybody else heard this?

I would appreciate simple replies and not get everyone into a kerfuffle about the 1802.

Thank you my bruthas.

I have heard this from one of my agents. I believe since it is above 2002 they factor in the FBC credit. And yea, interesting fact is some agents use google earth :D, love it when they say HIP and I get like 11 to 12% after measure on the ground :mrgreen:

You can’t keep up with all the anecdotal comments or statements from individual agents concerning 1 or 2 underwriters.

Next week the wind will blow a different direction.


Bullshoot…He knows nothing…Tell him I bet he can get someone to do them from their office that way for $25 a piece. Not f-ing me though :slight_smile:

I have been screaming at your guys for 2 years, keep making statements that the permit verifies compliance and who will need an inspection?

When I hear that noise from agents, I gently remind them that the Opening Protection, Roof Shape, and SWR are not built into that FBC credit. They may be able to get the Hip credit with google, but only if shows up 100% and not obscured with trees. It’s just not fair to the client to automatically throw out a FBC wind mit. Agents get bigger commissions without them though…remember that.

As long as each roof shape is less than 10% it still qualifies, no?

The wind mitigation credits grant a large discount if the house was permitted with compliance with the FBC (essentially to reward homes built to newer codes), so the agent is correct, you do not need a wind mitigation credit to receive a large discount. HOWEVER, it does NOT automatically grant Hip roof credit, SWR (a minor discount at best) and any opening protection credits. For those, a wind mitigation form would need to be submitted with documentation.

I actually measure one house and it gave me 9.5%, when the client send themt the report, he explain that they did the google earth search and assume it was gable. They apologies and send them a nice check for over charging them due to the roof shape.

Gleen, I have heard this a few times, you are not on your own.

If the structure is built in compliance with the FBC, isn’t the roof system designed and constructed to act as a hip? Yes, it is. This is why you see concrete gables now instead of framed gable walls. Think I’m wrong? Google the last hurricane that came across Galveston Beach, Texas and wiped out every home but one. Then look at the roof shape of that single home and tell me what it would qualify for on the 1802.

Roof shape doesn’t mean squat if the home is designed and constructed to the FBC. The roof covering, sheathing, and roof structure have been engineered to resist wind loads…

Been telling you guys this for years, keep making statements that the permit verifies compliance and who will need an inspector? You can thank the many “expert” wind mitigatin instructors for this one…

What difference does it make what shape the roof structure is if it has been designed to withstand wind pressures per the FBC? Also, an “affidavit” is required to verify SWR, no need for an inspection there. And opening protection is required on structures located in the WBDR, outside of that the owner could just send the permit information.

Instructors did this to the industry, and it’s only a matter of time before the others catch on. Why would they require their clients to spend money on an inspection when the permit, according to everyone here, “verifies compliance”?

LOL…this is the part where I sit back and say “I told you so”.



USAA has been doing this for over 2 years.

It would appear, some insurance agents have been paying attention.

As Robert said, WBDR areas get the all opening credit, that combined with everything else, you don’t even need the hip roof credit…unless the insurance companies are going to go crazy and start giving 100% discounts, aka, no premiums due! :slight_smile:

Makes perfect sense to me, why require a wind mitigation when the information it provides is strictly based off of the permit date?

2001 Florida Building Code Compliance (FBC)

Homes built in compliance with the 2001 Florida Building Code receive a significant discount as a result of the construction features required by the new code. .

Citizens will automatically apply the minimum FBC 2001 discount if the dwelling was built on or after January 1, 2002 and documentation is provided that validates the year of construction.

The wind mits currently being produced provide absolutely NO information on the condition of the property or compliance with the building code. This is what instructors teach and it is about to bite them in the arse…

I told you so…

Can anyone provide me with a statute that “requires” an OIR B1-1802 to be performed for an insured to apply a state mandated discount?

Permit works just fine…:slight_smile:

Instructors made the form worthless, it’s only a matter of time.

**“627.711 Notice of premium discounts for hurricane loss mitigation; uniform mitigation verification inspection form.—**An insurer may, but is not required to, accept a form from any other person possessing qualifications and experience acceptable to the insurer.”

Specifically, what are you providing as a “mitigation inspector” that couldn’t be done by a half-witted home owner? Things they will need to do your job:

  1. permits
  2. tape measure
  3. roofing affidavit
  4. Pictures of the exterior and labels

Why should they pay you if they can provide the exact same information as you quite easily? By listening to fools, you literally made yourselves obsolete…

January 1st? :shock:

Wind mits are sometimes required when a home meets FBC. This would include the structure and the roof. There can still be an additional discount for hip roof, but some carriers allow the agent/underwriter to review images only for the credit. Even with that there still can be more of a discount for shutters which most companies will not give without the wind mit. This is the answer from my independent agent and that is what I teach in my class.

These are underwriting questions that are best answered by an agent and underwriter. Remember underwriting guidelines change and differ from company to company and sometimes underwriter to underwriter.

You two WM gods should let us know where you get this information. Impact protection wasn’t even required in the WBDR when the FBC started. Opening protection can have a rather sizable affect on the overall discount, even with the FBC credit. It just depends on where the property is located. And, just to set the record straight, a roofer’s affidavit IS NOT a SWR verification for the 1802. Most carriers flat out refuse to recognize the document. Felt paper counts on the affidavit, but not the 1802.