Wind mitigation’s

I would like to mention that these Florida inspectors that are still charging $75 for wind mitigation is killing the industry for other inspectors. These prices are from the 1980’s and the price of tolls and gas have went up from there. If these inspectors keep charging these prices it won’t allow our industry to be promoted. If the industry stands together on the right pricing it will promote the whole industry into reasonable pricing.


They are prostitutes of the industry

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Hi Angela,

Also if you consider fuel prices increases in the last few months

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My landlord put a new roof on and it included a wind mit paid for by the roofer. The inspector told me he charges $100. The same price he charged when he started in 2007. Had a checklist clipboard and a camera. Didn’t see him take any photos of the impact labels on openings. Haven’t seen the report yet but wasn’t impressed. I charge $200 for a stand alone. &150 with an inspection. Is way too important for it to be right and too time consuming to do for less.

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I need to raise my prices. What do you charge for a 4 point stand alone and with inspection?

Stand alone 4 Point 250. With an inspection $200. Standard inspection $400 up to 2500 sq ft. Others are cheaper. But I’m good. And have integrity. Work for the client. We all need to have solidarity in the value of our work.

Raise your prices!

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For you that do wind mitigation, I would really appreciate some clarification:

Would you include this in the hip roof calculation? It’s an open porch, however Is this considered “continuously connected to the main roofing system?

Also, On NACHI wind mit training it states “roofs that are metal pan/standing seam or insulated metal panel patio/carport roofing system and not continuously connected to the main roofing system shout NOT be reported” that I understand, my question is, does the same apply for the four point?

As far as I’m concerned, yes.
That front porch is a flat rolled membrane to be counted.
Oh crap there goes the hip credit.

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I report all roofs on a 4 point.
The UW is going to see it and want photos of it anyway.

This is what I have always done on the four point as well but I figured if that’s all they asked for in the wind mit that it might be the same for the four point. The other thing is those metal pan roofs for carports/patios never have permits so really you’re guessing the age most of the time.