Wind Mitigation Inspections for $75

I had an insurance agent tell me that they get their wind mitigation inspections for $75.00(that is for all roof,wall connection, and shutters, all in one inspection) then I told the agent that he is doing them just for gas money.


There are some guys doing them for $50 for a WCE. That makes 75 look pretty good.

The agent asked me about my price of $150 and said it was high well ok I can take that then she asked if she had someone that wanted all the mitigation done is it $150 for all of it? I told her no that it will be 150 for each the shutters, the roof and the wall connections. but I did say I would cut them a deal for all of them.

it should be 150 for all of it. I doubt that you are going to get anyone to pay you 150 for each section.

Have you done any of these yet?

This profession will never go anywhere as long as there are guys that are willing to cut everyone else’s throat for something that everyone needs.

yea we have done some. mainly roofing and connections which we done for one price of 150.

$149 here. The thought of anyone doing these for $50 makes me sick.We were doing wind mitigations way before the MSFH program started. I knew this would happen with this program.

Wake up if your charging $50 or even $75 for these inspections!! Your are destroying what many worked hard to make happen.

I don’t see how anyone can put food on the table having prices like that.

I just had a customer tell me their neighbor had a wind mitigation inspection done for $75. I can’t believe inspectors are doing this. On average our customers save $400 - $600 a year on their homeowners insurance. Some save MUCH more than that.

$150 is a small price to pay for that kind of savings. I had a feeling the MSFH program would bring out the price cutters. I wish the program never started and you had to be a roofing or building contractor to fill out the forms.

If you charging $75 dollars for wind mitigations you need to raise your prices and quit damaging the industry.

The problem is MSFH
The WCEs are getting $150.00 per inspection.
You are req. to do a very detailed 6-page wind mit inspection + photos for them and they pay you $50.00 - 85.00 depending on which WCE you rep. On top of that, you are required to carry your own 1 million L. ins. & Auto.
You Call the clients and schedual your inspections.
You Pay for your finger printing & drug screening.
& The WCEs are trying to get control of all wind mit insurance inspections.
I charge $150.00
To do the inspections for The ins. Co.s You must have certification as registered architect, roofing contractor, general or res. contractor, building inspector or engineer.
For MSFH you need to sit in one day of training at your expence too and you don’t have to have any of the above certifications.
it’s all FUBAR

The only thing that is going to stop the WCE’s is a lawsuit against them and the state. The state has set up a monopoly for the WCE’s and is prohibiting others from earning a living with this product. How about a class action lawsuit against the state and the WCE’s?

one more thought is when the licensing takes affect will they let HI’s sign the forms? If they do then we will continue to see these types of prices.

It’s sad when a few desperate inspectors sell themselves short, price cut to such extremes and ruin things for everyone else.

We were doing a bunch of WMI’s before the MSFH program started. $150 is a very fair price for the saving the customers will save. We had a customer call yesterday that saved $1,400 a year on her insurance…good deal for a $150 dollar inspection. She was thrilled.

No kidding it makes me sick.

For homes built after 2002 do they already get the discount?

I have seen some that has not gotten the dicounts. Maybe an oversight on the insurance company.

I would entertain that action!


I have had insurance agents send their customers to us whose homes were built as late as 2004. They get some credits automaticly but definatly not all of them…remember the code is the minimum. There are builders that go above and beyond code. Maybe not many, but there are some.