Wind Mitigations and 4-Point

I am in Florida and just passed the proctored exam! :slight_smile: Will my license let me do 4-points and wind mitigations or do I need to take the separate courses and get certified in each? I am hearing different things and the Florida website is not very clear.

You still need to apply for your license in Florida. Once you have that, you can do a 4pt. To do wind mits, you will need at least at least 3 hrs of wind mit training and take another test. I can tell you that you will need much more training than that to do either one of these inspections properly.

Agree. I would at least take all of the advanced courses in each of the 4 areas and study very closely on the electrical. Example, make sure you understand the different types of cloth covered wiring. There is much more to it than you think.