4 point and wind mitigation course work?


I joined about a month ago and have been taking some classes. I’m hoping for some advice on making sure I’m taking the right classes to be certified to do 4 point and wind mitigation inspections.

I’m working with another inspector in Florida who is allowing me to walk along while he does inspections to learn the trade, and intend to work with him after being certified. He wants me to start with 4 point and wind mitigation, then work my way up from there.

I started with the Home Inspection Standards of Practice and How to Perform Roof Inspections. I’m almost done with these two.

But then I saw the classes specific to 4 point and wind mitigation. I wanted to complete this first, so I started the General Roof Inspection Training Video and How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections classes.

It seems like the two roofing classes are repeating the same info. So I want to make sure I’m taking the right course work.

What is the best route to get certified for 4 point and wind mitigation? Can I complete the certification for doing 4 point and wind mitigation inspections, then get certified for full inspections later?

Please advise.

Thank You!

Welcome to our forum, Bobby!..Enjoy! :smile:

Someone will be along to help you with the FL stuff soon.

Also, you may want to take advantage of your Education Team at education@internachi.org for specific questions e.g. https://www.nachi.org/become-home-inspector.htm .

Have you obtained any state licenses?

Welcome Bobby

If you’re asking about procedure, you must be a Licensed HI to complete those insurance forms (or hold another acceptable credential).

If you’re asking about training, learn how to inspect before you learn how to complete the insurance forms, it will be much easier.

No I have not obtained a license.

Basically I want to know if the 120 hour course for Florida is the correct first step.

Sure, complete the course, get your state license & you will be certified to do 4 point and wind mitigation inspections