wind mits/garage doors

Interesting article regarding discounts for resistant garage doors - and recent judicial finding concerning the OIR form and this topic.

Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

You’re welcome. Interesting to see how this plays out :).

thanks for posting this

It looks like we get a new form, unless they toss the whole program.

Looks like my estimate for the elimination of the wind mitigation program was a bit optimistic. It might be down to a year or less!

Until then, it looks like another form change is coming… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Another example of an idiot that has no idea making the rules.

Why the heck would you get a discount for a garage door if the windows are NOT protected. It is an OPENING PROTECTION credit. Not separate door, garage, skylight,glassblock etc… credit.

If you don’t get a discount for it, why is it on the form? Why have a rated garage door?

You should get a discount for each feature as it adds strength to, in most instances, an already strong structure.

While they are at it changing the form, maybe they can correct the “weakest” method of deck connection" to “strongest”.

Because if the windows fail the garage door is not going to make one bit of a difference.

Standard glass WILL FAIL BEFORE a standard garage door. My opinion but I would put money on it.

A flimsy garage door will fail and cause a larger rush of wind to enter the home than most windows.

Just means more work for us. No way will the public let this program die and fall away while losing all of their discounts. If they make sweeping changes to the form, we will all just be doing the inspections all over again.

I would disagree.
I would predict, that there will be a fixed rate for each home based on age. All of these inspections will be done away with and rates will increase, especially after Citizens is reduced or eliminated.

As I have been saying all along, your insurance is based on replacement cost then divided over a period of time. I suspect that a change to the formula as it pertains to the time number will occur, and new rates will be coming out.

Looks like the Wind Mitigation House-O-Cards is about to collapse, the question is, when the class action lawsuits against Citizens start, will the home inspection company and home inspectors who helped to cancled millions of dollars of taxpayer discounts through bogus reinspections be named in the lawsuit? One can only hope.

You cannot get blood from a stone and most of us are stones. :frowning:

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Leave it to you Doug…jsut saying…

Meekers right, its BS. They may give 50$ discount for garage doors and raise rates 50$
The garage door brace salesman has been breakin’ balls for years. I wonder if the judge got reinspected? Its a very stupid article, really.

Right off I’m suspect. :lol:

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