Wind Mits on HG Forms


Just completed a wind mit using your forms feature in HG. It seems to work fairly well with the exception of adding photos.

  1. When adding photos it doesn’t let you upload a extra large photo thus resulting in a tiny photo when saved as a pdf, which when you try to enlarge to view said tiny photos becomes a blurry mess. Not to mention a bunch of wasted space between photos.

  2. There should be a photo caption list under each photo so that we can label the photos if we choose (ie; Front Elevation, Protected Opening, Strap etc.)
    I know you can write on the actual photo, but that looks cheap IMO.

Try this:

Thanks again John for all your help!!!

On the Forms feature we have them set a medium size and we do have it with border space to fit as many as can fit on one page without cramming or mis matched in size. I know it’s a preference. If Johns files doesn’t work out you can call in and we can discuss your preferences.

Speaking of wind mits, HG forms, and HG companion, is there a way to complete the wind mit form using HG companion and be able to capture client signature on form using phone and HG companion?

No. Right now its windows tablet.

Yes. I know. Right now I am doing full home inspections on phone and have to switch devices (Panasonic Toughbook) to complete the wind mit and capture client signature. It would be valuable to me to be able to complete the wind mit form on phone as well and capture client signature on phone. Just curious, how does “Square” credit card processor software capture signatures on phone? Could that technology by used by HG companion to capture signatures?