One building two unit and two addresses duplex (I.e. 1101 and 1102 Name St.)

I am about to perform a Home Inspection, 4 point and wind mitigation inspection on a residential Duplex. Meaning same building two addresses. Am I suppose to do a separate report for each unit or just one and include all the pics with labels? Is there a standard for this?


What did your client hire you to inspect?
One unit or both?
Are these separate addresses?

If you were hired to inspect the whole building then this is true: You were hired to inspect a structure, not an address. I just did the same thing on a commercial. One building, two addresses for the individual suites.

My report address was: 1643 and 1645 E. Greenville St.


I did the same as Brian.


Yes, I was hired to do the structure, now I understand I have to do two reports on everything, home, wind mitigation and 4 points, and of course the price will have to change. Thanks you all for the good advice.

Hi @ealvarez5
I was wondering what you ended up doing here, in regards to the separate reports? I have a very similar scenario on Friday and am unsure on if I combine or separate each unit for the 4-Pt and Wind Mitigation reports. The general home inspection I can see being one report, but still unsure as to the insurance reports. I am leaning towards consolidating them since my client is buying the duplex as a whole. Just curious as to what you decided to do!

Hi Ashley
After consulting with various local CMI’s I ended up doing 2 home inspections, 2 Wind Mitigation and 2 four point. The buyer had no problem paying for everything but I gave him a break on the price meaning I reduced the price of everything since it was in the same location and I was able to use some of the same pictures. I have to do separate reports because they have different addresses, not sure if that is the case with yours. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, Edwin, I appreciate you replying! Man - that was a lot of work for you! I’m hoping I can consolidate…I definitely didn’t quote my price to reflect 6 separate reports :frowning: I’d love to know if any other inspectors have input on this topic, or what they might suggest.

Thanks again!

I am pretty sure they are going to tell you the same. Keep in mind is two separate addresses and for insurance purposes they have to be split. What part of Florida are you located in?

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I’ve actually went ahead and just prepared myself to do separate insurance reports. Figured better safe than sorry. Although for the general home inspection, I’ll just do the one combined report. I do appreciate your post and answer, it really helped me today.
I am based out of Orlando, though service most of Central Florida from Kissimmee/St.Cloud to DeLand.