Was Flat, Now Hip

I just did a 1959 home on the east coast. The old owner bought it to flip, and did just that. A complete gut and rebuild. Everything is new. It had a flat roof when he got it, now it has a brand new Hip roof. However, there is no attic access anywhere. Nothing. No way to see inside.

The new owner (my client) called yesterday asking for a wind mit. Can a wind mit still be performed without attic access? Can the roofing company provide the information needed to complete the form (assuming it was permitted and legal).

Simple question from a guy not from Florida.

How can you do a wind mit without observing if there are hurricane clips or straps?

The roofing company cannot provide any information that the insurance company will except. Remember it must be verified with pictures. We just had one similar to this. The roofer never got an inspection and the city request an inspection by an engineer. City approved off that report. We did a wind mit and insurance company would not accept his report (no pictures to verify findings). Insurance co. said the engineer has the same qualifications we do to complete, so if they require pictures from us they require pictures from him. We cut a hole and inspected and verified with pictures. I think we charged $50.00 extra to go back and cut hole and inspect, no patching. Everyone was happy, insurance co., the buyer, the seller, seller’s agent, and buyers agent. Just got a Inspection from the seller’s agent 2 days ago.

Yes that is why the form has answers that say no attic access.

To bad it does not say = no credits next to it.

Have them have a handyman install attic access hatch for $100. Will save them $1000 or so depending just this year

Thanks for the information. I called them and told them just that… Cut an access hole and I’ll come back. They having it done next week.

Thanks again!

Can’t tell from the pics, are there soffits ? I have pulled and replaced those without much problem for pictures.

All attic spaces over 2’ in height require access. If a permit was pulled what moron at the city/county allowed this? If no permitting or inspections were performed the client should be asking the AHJ to verify that the roofing addittion is compliant prior to purchase.

No real soffits, just round holes with screen covers between the rafters. I thought about that.


I was not aware of this 2’ requirement. Thanks. I was told it was permitted and inspected once complete, but the county inspector never went inside the home, just on the roof.


That is bull crap. call the building official and ask why they are not enforcing chapter 8 code article 807.1 of the Florida Building Code.

Buildings with combustible ceiling or roof construction shall have an attic access opening to attic areas that exceed 30 square feet and have a vertical height of 30 inches or more.
the rough framed opening shall not be less than 22 inches by 30 inches and shall be located in a hallway or other readily accessible location. A 30-inch minimum unobstructed headroom in the attic space shall be provided at some point above the access opening.

Of course i am assuming that the attic space is more than 30 square feet and that the roof and ceiling are something other than concrete:shock:

Better watch out—a handyaman is very unlikely to put the access opening in a favorable location, i.e., near the exterior wall. With that low slope it will be hard to see the R-T-W attachments, esp. if there is insul in the way.