Wind pits and 4 Points In Florida

Does anyone know If I (a licensed Florida Home Inspector) can have an unlicensed employee do wind mits and 4 points in Florida under my license? Thank you

Thats a big fat NO


Well now you got me to looking. It does state this on the form.

  1. An individual or entity who knowingly or through gross negligence provides a false or fraudulent mitigation verification form is subject to investigation by the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud and may be subject to administrative action by the appropriate licensing agency or to criminal prosecution. (Section 627.711(4)-(7), Florida Statutes) The Qualified Inspector who certifies this form shall be directly liable for the misconduct of employees as if the authorized mitigation inspector personally performed the inspection.

Yea and directly above that it states that a licensed contractor or professional engineer can have en employee perform the inspection. My question is why could the employee of a contractor do it and not the employee of a Home Inspector ?

I’m sure Marc will be along to clear things up shortly.

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Thanks Les.
The reason General Contractors may choose to have a supervised employee & not a Home Inspector is… … …
The damn state legislature created it that way.
They initially had a much bigger presence than home inspectors.
There was a time that home inspectors were not on the list of qualified entities, just contractors, bldg code officials, professional engineers, architects.

What’s a Wind pit… …

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