Florida Wind Mitigation

Just got a call, client wants a 4 point insurance inspection and a wind mitigation inspection. Question is with the current status of the “My safe Florida” program, can anybody do the wind mit or is it up to the insurance company to decide who they will accept?

general contractor,building contractor,architect, or structural engineer can do the wind mit… as for 4 point…can be performed by “inspector” but needs to be signed by electrical contractor.

you need to be a state certified building contractor, inspector, engineer architect.

Thanks Guys, I appreciate the help.

Not if you are an InterNACHI member: www.nachi.org/4point.htm

InterNACHI members are accepted without an electrical contractor’s signature.

Isn’t there one caveat on this? The member will have to complete the Electrical course provided on this website?

Been there done that.

Doug, correct.

And we’re taking over wind mitigation soon too.

Good Nick that will be great.

I would like to see that.

Here is one: Non Nachi member does 4pt but tells client they will have to pay electrician for electrical. They inspector notes that they need GCFI, armored cable for air handler and grounding rod. Electrician comes out and makes improvments and leaves. Home owner asks for insurance and is denided because she needs electric “signed-off.” Poor homeowner calls electrician for electrical four point, electrician tells home owner he never inspected just did what was on the list. She calls the inspector and he tells her that he did not do the electrical inspection either. She is out more than five-hundred dollars and no insurance and no electrical sign-off. Guess who made it all better?? A Nachi inspector!

Great job, thanks! Stuff like this makes everyone look good.

Not according to Citizens:

Citizens requires a roof inspection on wind only policies if the home is more that 25 years old and has a shingle roof, or over 50 years old with another type roof, and there is no proof the roof has been replaced. While a 4-point inspection may provide the necessary information, we will not accept an inspection completed by a NACHI inspector for this purpose, unless the inspector also is a Florida licensed contractor, architect, engineer, or building code official and includes the licensing information on the inspection.

We do not currently accept wind mitigation forms completed by a NACHI inspector unless the inspector also has the appropriate licenses. While I do not know if this will change, we are frequently reviewing and adjusting our inspection requirements.

Thank you,
David Klug
Customer Correspondence Supervisor

Customer Care Unit

We have proposals into Citizens to take over all the roofing and wind mit inspections in FL.

Heard today that some companies were going to stop taking wind mits from my safe florida home inspectors also

There are no more MSFH Inspectors. The list of approved inspectors has been removed from the web.

A new list is coming soon :cool:.

Here is a list http://mysafefloridahome.com/images/Inspector%20Lists/Inactive%20Inspectors%20063009.pdf

It is up to the insurance companies as to whom they will accept a wind mit from. The 4 point is still confusing, Nachi form, Ashi form, Fabi form are all supposedly acceptable to citizens WITHOUT an electricians affadavit attached. The state would do best to extricate themselves from this but as we will be (certified and liscensed) in 10 months the whole problem will be put to rest then. I am doing wind mits using my ICC certification B5 # and not even citizens is rejecting them. I’m just glad to get the crazy, stupid, moronic WCE monkeys off my back.

What the law states and what are accepted is different. My suggestion is just do them right and no one will have the need to refuse them. When there is a mistake on them, the fraud department gets involved and that is where they are usually kicked back from. Then they find a reason to not accept them from that inspector. If you do not include pictures with all inspections you are doing yourself a dis service. You should be able to prove(easily) all claims you make. If you do not know what they are looking for or not sure of the rules, ask someone who does know. These are not home inspections, code inspections they are insurance inspections and are different.