window air leaking in Summer

Hi all,

I am wondering how to check if the window has air leaking in Summer. If in winter, we will see the condensate on window. But in summer, I only use temperature sensor gun and check the caulking on the window frame. Is there any other thing I can see?


An infrared thermometer cannot measure air leakage, only the effects of the air leakage. Without seeing a thermal pattern, how do you know what temperature indicates air leakage?

I will keep scanning all around the frame and check if any point had higher or lower reader than others. Otherwise, how can you check, please?

Smoke test the house under pressure.
Buy a thermal camera.
Blower door test.
Common sense.

Any of those might work, but I’m curious as to why? Is this during an inspection or are you asking for yourself?

Also I don’t agree with the premise that condensation in winter equals air leakage. It may, but it’s not definitive.

Just because, I am afarid I will get call back from clients about their window air leaking. On a normal inspection, you don’t do any test to check the air leaking from window?? only by visual inspection?

I know sometimes the windows had condensate because of the moisture level in the house, or the ventilation in the attic.


I comment on the visual condition and operation of the windows, but air leakage is more of an energy efficiency issue which varies dramatically from window to window.

Common sense tells us newer are tighter than old and higher quality are tighter than cheap. But testing each window seems a bit far out of the SOP and clients can evaluate that just as well as any inspector. In almost ten years I’ve never once had a client show any concern over windows. I should also mention, though, that in my area the contracts the agents use specifically exclude windows.

a small amount of air leakage is not necessary a bad thing .
Some homes are too tight and dryers ,bath fans, Kitchen stove , Can some times not get enough air to operate well.

Ok, now I understand. Thanks all.