Window seals

Anyone know of a good way to test a window to test if the seal is broken?

Another HI gave me this and it works every time. Cheap too. I carry a small ice chest in the truck for sodas and water. I take a small piece of ice and hold it against the window. If the seal is broken and the window is not yet fogged up between the panes the moisture inside the window will condense onto the inside of the glass where the ice is being held. Snap a picture cause it won’t stay that way. Simple but clever as all hell too. I can’t tell you how many Realtors and customers I have impressed that with. You would have thought I discovered fire.

Excellent Doug. :slight_smile: You should post that in the tips section.

I saw that tip here some where about a year ago, works great.

I think Ive posted it before when someone else asked the same question.

Thank very much. I might start carrying an ice pack in a cooler with me for this.