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****[FONT=Arial][size=2]QUESTION: "It is my understanding that there aren’t any tile roofs in Florida that meet “option A” for question “number 2” in the Windstorm Mitigation reports. If tile roofs do not qualify, are there any other roofs that do not qualify i.e. wood shake roofs, 3 tab non-dimensional shingles roofs, rolled roofing… [/size][/FONT]

Below is a statement I found that tells that tile or flat roofs do not meet the minimum requirements:

"Tile or flat roofs do not meet the minimum requirements of the FBC or SFBC standards due to the testing standards on Question #2. It refer only to shingle roofs, metal roofs or both shingle and metal roofs. Therefore we are compelled to select Option “B” on the Wind Mitigation Form since tile or flat roof cannot meet one of the listed standards on
Question # 2 Option A. However, we are able to confirm that the roof was installed in accordance with the 2001 Florida Building Code or the 1994 South Florida Building Code roof standards and the owner should consult the insurance company to discuss guidelines on permitted roof that meet the FBC or SFBC roof installations and discount available."
Any feedback on the above would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome, you should post and search in the Florida specific tab. This has been addressed to death.

The short version is that the way the form reads, the only roof material mentioned is shingle and metal roof coverings. so by default all other roof materials are excluded and line b must be chosen.

However… there are solutions for this available.