FBC Tile Addendum Form?

Hey guys,

Im coming to you all for yet some more direction. I was sent this responce from an agent today.

“FBC Equivalent credit for tile roof covering installed 1994 or later that meets the Florida Building Code requirements must be indicated on a “tile roof addendum” form . In addition to the OIR-B1-1802, please provide the “tile roof addendum form” provided by the inspection company, to apply the FBC credit.”

I have heard grumblings about this in the past but here is the skinny.

I did a wind mitigation inspection on a home in St Pete the tile roof was installed Auugust of this year and the insurance company (Citizens) will not extend the FBC credit without this form or letter. Does anyone know any info on this and if so does anyone have a copy of the letter or form?

Thanks for all the help.


Here is your letter :o)

Thanks Michelle ! You are awsome

easy peasy! and Michelle IS awesome

THANK YOU! very much gentlemen! :o) I will always help when I can!