Winner of structural support of the month is!


P.S. Sellers disclosure stated property had been signed off by an engineer but they lost the paper.:roll:

Beautiful! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good thing they lost the* engineer’s papers*. They probably would have been getting a call or two.

I’ve seen some funky DYI supports recently, but yes, that one wins. lol

Lol… had one last month tried to pass off an engineer drawing of a shed roof & drawing showing nail spacing for truss bracing as an engineer approved repair for a broken 50 foot truss with 3 different ceiling heights along the span that had a couple 2x’s scabbed on it. :roll:

Oh come on…that’s a solid support. lol

Almost as bad as a tree stump under a house.

A Mexican engineer no doubt.


There is a NFE section for those types of comments.

Really !
I thought it was a Defiance, OH engineer…:stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right about that - lol. In fact, the one pictured looks a lot better than some that I see

I’ve got a contender for that award.