Wire connector

Anybody have a link for using an approved connector instead of splitting the 50 amp wire?

This is in the main panel that feeds a sub panel. I have tried google but I am not finding any good info.

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Firstly, is that conductor serving as an EGC, GEC or Grounded Conductor that is just improperly color coded.

Are you talking about an image of the lug that shares two terminals to hold a single mounted lug. If that is what you are wanting I will see if I can find an image for you.

Yes, if you had an image or link that would be great.

Yup I missed that. But I did catch the neutral/ground improper isolation, 220 breaker improperly connected, there where 2 15 amp wires to 20 amp breakers. The wire is supposed to be white correct? Can he just use white tape.

Panel is also upside down. Can it be installed this way?

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Thanks for your time and help!!

Yes, he can use White Tape. Hope you called out the multiple conductors under the terminations onto the buss bar, Those are 408.41 violations and if before 2002 simply cite UL 67 Standards.

On the panel…Yes, as long as they do not violate 240.81 and the listing of the panelboard. It could be argued that the manufacturer installed the “LINE” labels a certain orientation for a reason and not upside down but I have to say I would not on the surface worry too much about that.

here is a nice article for you…