Wire Gauge Sets

I have been developing a set of plastic wire gauges to help determine sizing. The set will include 5 separate pieces, and cover both copper and aluminum wiring common within the last 20 years, up to current.

Copper sizing will include 14-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 and also a 1-0 and 2-0

Aluminum will cover stranded wiring sizes 6-4-2-1 and also 2-0 and 4-0

I should have the first ones available by next month, if anyone is interested. The set should cost around $25.00

I realize this wont cover all wire sizes, and also wont cover the older ones, but should give you a general ideal of sizing for most modern applications.

Naturally these are not intended to be used on “live” electrical wiring, so nobody kills themselves.
If you would like a set you can email me at sfog273@gmail.com. Once they’re ready then I can mail them out.



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Great work Sean. Wishing you much success, as always.
I will likely be emailing you shortly for a set.
Robert Young

i purchased a set. use them continually.
Thanks Sean.

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What does this set look like?

Here’s a picture



Cool. Thanks! I may order a set.

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These things work great!

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I use them every chance I get! Ops, wrong color code.

I recommend you do.

Is sfog273@gmail.com still a good email? I would like to purchase some!

Go here Jacob…

Thanks! Just ordered them!

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How does the OP picture work? My understanding was these gauges are for over the insulation, not un-insulated cable.

Bob, the photo in post 9 is NOT the OP (not sure why Robert would post that pic) and is not an intended use of the gauges. You are correct they are intended to be used on insulated conductors to determine conductor gauge. On that point though requests have been made to include 8GA bare copper in the gauges to check pool bonding wires, not sure why I never thought of it before but 6GA bare copper might come in handy too.

Looks fantastic Sean, I just ordered a set to add to clip on the hip. Nice work!