wire into bathroom light fixture

This is in a new construction inspection. Can someone confirm/deny this exposed wire should be in a box then going into the fixture? Because the area will be covered in insulation coming up.

Thank you.

You are saying that this wire goes straight to the light fixture.

If so it should be secured in a box and the fixture attached to the box.

Thank you, I am, was wondering if there was some exception as I went through two boxes and my code book then could not find one. It’s new construction and just unprofessional work.

Thank you again, long day.

The conductors should never be exposed like that. The staple should be on the jacket and the jacket should be .5" inside of the box that the fixture is attached to. What is the fixture attached to as the wire goes through drywall and I see no supporting box?

If not fixture is connected, it is very common just to rough in the cable that way until the vanity and mirror is set. It allows the location to be best chosen for aesthetic reasons. Also many fixtures are the box so a separate box in the wall is not needed.

As Jim mentioned there should be a box or the cable can possibly enter directly into the fixture with the proper connector. What did the other side of the wall look like?

It goes into the light fixture on the other side of the bathroom light above the mirror.

Depending on the type of fixture it may or may not require a junction box. If a box is not required is would still need the proper connector into the fixture.

…and the wire properly secured on the picture side of the wall.

That is wrong, period. It needs a box. BTW, can I post this on another forum, it would make for good discussion?

I believe this thread is in the public view as is, Martin.

Not all lighting fixtures require a ‘box’.

Not all fixtures require a box.

Sure, I don’t see why not. Take any reference to me out please.