Client is not listening to me.

Prior to renovating a garage the electrical junction box above the garage door was well accessable. The contractors intstalled plywood and hardy board, covering this box. They did manage to bring the hot and neutral wire through a small hole drilled to the outside.

Now the home owner would like to install there light but I told them the installation if done would not to code and improper. The light itself would be fastened directly to the hardy board without the ground wire. For a proper installation they need to have full access to the junction box so th light fixture can be mounted to the junction box and wired correctly with the ground fixed to the box. (there is no access to this box, can’t see it)

The home owner is arguing that ground is not required and mounting the light to the hardy board is OK, leaving the light and junction box completely isolated.

Any thoughts before I pull out my hair with this client!

You are correct. Homeowner is wrong. You cannot conceal junction boxes, that is clearly stated in most Electrical codes.


There is nothing you can do to prevent a homeowner from doing any stupid thing they want to, especially after you leave the scene. You have voiced your concerns and opposition and unless you have taken this numbskull to raise you have pretty much done all you can short of hog tying him. Get your check and move on.

You told them how it should be done. If they want to argue your opinion, simply let it go.

Doug pretty well said. Tell them what they should do, then leave them. You cannot control them.
Also do not let it bother you. It is their decision.
I did an inspection two years ago and told the buyer similar thing with electrical. He refused as it woulf have cost him about $300 - $400 then. I just made the note on my report what needed to be done. I looked at the same house two months ago and saw his shortcut. I noted it to the new buyer. He addressed it to the agent as wanting the whole panel to be replaced. Invoice of $1783 sitting on the table when we reinspected.
As I told him… If you do not repair this correctly you can get a shock! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: He got one!