Wire Nuts in the Main Panel

I have a main panel with a wire nut connecting the wire from the breaker to two wires going up the conduit into the house. (how do I post a pic here?) I’ve been told that it’s not code but it is done. Does it need to be fixed immediately.

It sound like a pigtail which would be fine and would not need to be fixed.

Thank you!

As long as it was installed correctly.

Yes, of course…

Where is that picture?

I don’t think this thread allows pic’s

Yes, of course. (It doesn’t allow emoticons either) …grin…razz

If it is what it sounds like, I think it is the equivalent of a double tap. It sounds like one pigtail wire is feeding two home runs. If that is the case, then that would need to be separated. If there is no room left in the panel, then a tandem breaker may be in order. If it is a three wire home run then a two pole breaker is necessary.

Can you get this up in the general discussion thread so we can see a pic? :slight_smile:


It does not sound like a double-tap at all, and does not need separation.

For clarification, so long as there is room in the panel, splices are permitted. In fact, the NEC does not even require that spliced cabled be terminated in the main panel at all. Yep. The panel can actually serve as a pass-through.

There is a lot of mis-information out there regarding what is permissable and what is not.

I do realize that the panel box may be used as a splice box. I thought the original post stated that two wires exiting the panel box were being fed from a single pigtail to a breaker. IF THAT is the case, it sounded like the equivalent of a double tap. That is why it would be nice to see a pic.

If that is the scenario, what would be the difference between a pigtail servicing two home runs and the home runs being terminated directly at the breaker? I don’t think the pig tail would be long enough to need to be derated, but that would be another set of problems.


If the breaker terminal is not rated for two wires it is not permitted.

I found the answer here http://www.justanswer.com/questions/1c9tv-is-double-tapping-a-circuit-breaker-acceptable-and-if-so

Is double tapping a circuit breaker
acceptable and if so where is it covered in NFPA 70

Accepted Answer
What you will find in the code is that it will state NO - unless the breaker is listed and approved for the purpose. In addition - if you look at the breaker and it states for use with 2 wires - then that breaker can be used for that.

Now the only breakers that I am aware of that can be used in such a way is the square d qo and qod breakers.

There is a way around the requirement of 1 wire per terminal if the breaker is not rated for more then 1 wire. We will take a 6" tale off of the breaker, and then wire nut other wires to it as needed. This way you meet the requirement of the 1 wire per terminal, and splicing in the panel is perfectly acceptable. So your covered on both ends.


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If you have a digital photo, feel free to email me and I will post it for you.



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I will post this on the message board. It’s one wire coming from the breaker into two wires with all three tied together with a wire nut.

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