Wires and Junction at tub

Does anybody have any issues with these wires and junction box inside the access panel to the tub? Wires are touching pipe and junction box recently got wet due to a pipe leak at the tub.




Hi Mark,

at the very least I would report amature wiring methods without proper support.



Thanks Gerry. I thought that as well. Any concerns with the wire sharing the same hole in the wood with the water pipe and being presssed up against the water pipe?

Electrical equipment shall be installed in a neat and workmanlike manner. NEC 110.12.
Electrical equipment shall be firmly secured to the surface on which it is mounted. NEC 110.13(A)
NM cable shall be supported every 4.5 feet and within 12 inches of outlet box. NEC 334.30
Not sure about a wire sharing a hole with a water pipe other than the wire must be protected from damage.

That is a plastic nail on box and in size is less than 2 1/4" x 4"…it should be supported within 8" of the box…IF it has no supporting style connection built into the box…like many single gang normal nail ups have…

Article 314.17(ex)

Makes me think this was not an access at one point…their was a wall their and someone NEEDED access and opened it up because of a leak or what have you. It is not required to have an access to the plumbing fittings…while it is helpful…not required if it is not a whirlpool and so on.

Thanks Robert. I can’t come up with any specific reason, either, why the wire and pipe can’t share the same hole and be adjacent. It just didn’t “feel” right to me, especially knowing that pipes had recently leaked in this area and sprayed water on the junction box.

Of course, I realize that pipes can break in any number of places in a house and spray water on receptacles, light swtiches, etc.

Ok…we are reaching here but if you are searching for a reason so bring something up…

Article 334.12(A)(1)(10)(d) - Type NM - Where exposed or subject to excessive moisture or dampness.

So…if it was ripped out…is their water damage…rot…mold…and evidence of excessive moisture and dampness…Could BE !

As for having it run next to plumbing pipe…I dont really see a problem that …However…if you notice the supporting on the pipes going through that hole is not correct and they move and a possible HAMMER effect in the house…then it could be a subject to physical damage issue…

Again reaching in these cases…but things that come to mind.

Would I write up that part…probably not…I would deal with the free swinging box in the wall, no support and defer…under normal conditions it would not be wet or damp location.

Thanks for the comments, Paul. Very helpful.

lol…glad i could be helpful…even if Chris’s REP system says i cant be trusted…lolo…on a serious note…always where if you need it fella.