Wires left behind in panel

Recommend a licensed electrical contractor remove the stubs terminating the breaker.

Is this is an electric utility room for a commercial/residential building? I see a dry cell transformer.
If this is the case, remote distribution panel is in the unit, main disconnect mounted in the metering equipment enclosures.
Is this the building service panel? If it is, are you inspecting the building?

I have seen similar in industrial settings. Breaker failed, and the maintenance crew just clipped the wires and attached to another breaker. They close up the panel and move on. Usually these guys just know a little about electricity to make them dangerous. I would have checked for voltage and then removed the stubs and noted failed breaker and the double taps in my report, if that was the case.
I went to the Roy Lewis school of “soak them” and sometimes it is quicker to make the correction than to write it up in the report.


Yes it is commercial. No transformer, what you see is the side of an AHU which I know was not highly visible in that photo. The building had underground fed 120/208v 3 phase 4 wire system. The transformer was a utility owned pad mounted unit at the exterior. The photo is a switchboard which included a 2000 amp disconnect.

They are energized when the breaker is on. That is, of course, if the panel is energized.


You are always within your right to recommend an elecchicken to remove abandoned wiring inside a panel.

Never heard this before.


If the panel is live, those stubs are hot since that I-Line breaker is on, in my opinion they should be removed but as long as the dead front is properly installed it presents no hazard. Just sloppy work.

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Are you saying that you would perform the stub removal or recommend a licensed electrician remove them?

I recommend the stubs be removed. Either by an electrician or yourself is you are qualified and comfortable doing it. The double taps in the panels are also an issue. That would have to be corrected by a qualified electrician.

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