If you don't pull the dead front cover off

You’ll never figure this out. Last pic top left 70 AMP main breaker

And I’m not going to even try.
What do you see!
Well! besides the labeling what?

Code wise if they properly labeled the 70 amp CB it should be complaint. I cannot see if there is a clip or device to hold the backfed CB in place.

Nothing labeled

The main is not even being used. The backfed 70 is now the main.

A very interesting find. A 70 amp panel masquerading as a 150 amp panel to the causal observer. The backfed breaker does have retention.

As Terrill stated without removing the cover you would never know this has a “spare” 150 amp CB. :slight_smile:

He changed the images after I posted that.

Sure he did, there is no demand for a blind HI:p

If you don’t remove the panel cover, you had better have a good reason why you didn’t. And write about it in the inspection report.

Uh huh. Yea. Sure. We can go with that.