Wires near decking

I just rejoined as a member to try to view a class but it wont update. I thought I remember something about wires in proximity to a deck. This is obviously an elevated deck. The tv cables are about 4-5feet from railing, electrical was maybe 8-10’. With the wind off the hill and the cables swaying I could probably lean over and reach the cables.

There is no defect, IMHO, Cory.


Maybe this helps.

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Thanks David and Larry, I knew pools had some clearance requirements which I admit I’m not familiar with as pools really don’t exist in my area. I just couldn’t remember if both or just the one. Thanks for the help guys

You’re welcome, Cory. :smile:

Not according to your profile…


Yes I paid it’s not updating. I can’t help that

Did you try signing OUT and then signing back IN?