Wiring at heat-pump equipment shut off?

Just thought I would throw this up, and ask why did they do this…Is this why (at least in Utah) an HVAC technicians are not allowed to do any work at panels or change out breakers? Not sure why they would take pigtails from the outer breakers and then double tap it into the breaker that makes a connection to the rooftop all-in-one electric heat pump. Sometimes I see the two separate breakers and two sets of conductors. One set for the heat pump and then another running for the auxiliary heat strips, but this one is a new one on me and why they even thought of doing this?? And yes I know that the double tapping, especially different gauge conductors is wrong. Any idea why they would connect it this way? (carrier heat-pump dated 2004)

They had a bad breaker tripping under load?!

By doing so they have turned the inner 2-pole, 50 amp circuit breaker into a pseudo 80 amp circuit breaker.

So in doing so, does that mean they created an overfused condition?

It could do that because the current will divide over the two circuit breakers. The conductors connected to the 50 amp circuit breaker appear to be sized for only 50 amps.


thank you all for the input.

There was a 60Amp breaker for that circuit at the panel. Which would be correct for the unit, or at least that is what the manufacturers label is showing (60 amp)…However depends on what Heater unit was installed…It did have one installed as i was able to run in both Heat-Pump and then in AUX-heat mode but like is the case with 95% of the units I see…The HVAC guy never bothered to mark on the label or apply the sticker to show which heater was installed.