Heat pump breakers

A 3100 sq foot home. 200 amp box with 2 100 amp breakers for the heat pump. Is this normal?

No, I would get your amp ratings off the unit or get the model number and pull up the specs. The biggest breakers I have seen on a residential HVAC unit was 60 amps and that is for electric heating elements

I told him the same thing. This is not from an inspection it is a friend that lives in another town. He called and said the breaker was hot. Wanted to know if it needed replaced.

If the breaker is hot than there is something drawing way too much current such as an electrical short.

He told me he has been running the heat strips for over a week.

I have never seen heat strips on a residential furnace pull that much current. A lose connection somewhere could cause excessive amp draw, or a maybe even a field grounding out in a motor. Just pull the amp load on each wire until you find it.

Thanks James. I will pass this information along.