Wisconsin Structure Course a Big Success!

WiNACHI (Wisconsin NACHI Chapter) wishes to thank Will Decker and all participants of Saturday’s Structure for Home Inspectors Course for making it a big sucess. Out of 25 participants we generated 7 new NACHI members and brought our chapter memberships to over 30 members, having started with 4 of us in November.






Will, are you available to bring this course to the Olympic Peninsula Chapter? How many people are necessary to attend?


Kind of a long drive, Wendy! :mrgreen:

I don’t do this for money.


I can bring CWS out your way, provided we have 45 to 60 days to promote it under rewards without risk.

She could just make sure they charge enough and bring in enough people to cover your air fair and hotel room. Oh yeah … and they need to feed you and throw in at least a couple cocktails.

That couldn’t have been Will, it had to be an impostor. The Will I meet had this dam unforgetable orange shirt and thats all I ever saw him in.:wink:

It is true. We we’re expecting the orange shirt and this guy (that looks just like Will) shows up in all beige.