WonderBoard, Durock, HardiBacker, or ...

something else?

Which is the best product when placing poreclain tile on an AdvanTech subfloor? What about when using porcelain tile in a tub/shower surround?

I would not use these products on the floor,I would use Wonderboard in a tub/shower.

BTW Any relation to Willy Featherstone? (Boxer) or are you Willy?

Check the manufacturers installation specs.

For floors, use self leveling mortar, with a latex additive.

I like cementboard for walls. Make sure to have a rubber membrane behind it if this is a shower enclosure.

A clip…

WonderBoard (1/2”) has been rated by the Tile Council of America (TCA) for use as part of a ceramic tile installation system for plywood subfloors with 24" o.c. joists and 23/32" exterior grade plywood."

“Similar to the other CBU’s, WonderBoard must also be installed into a bed of fresh latex modified mortar, seams staggered, screwed or nailed every 8” o.c. and the seams taped with 2" fiber glass mesh tape and leveled with mortar."

I’ve used most products and haven’t had any problems. The key is to listen to installation specs. But if you have a crappy subfloor or foundation system, your going to eventually have cracks in your tiles, regardless what product you use.

Also, Wonderboard is recommended for horizontal use only.

What would you use on the floor?

No relation to Willy, that I’m aware of anyway.

There is a really good new product by Georgia Pacific “DensShield® Tile Backer” it is great when properly installed I have not seen any cases of water penetration. Actually the whole dense board line I love very versatile. In case your interested here is the link to check out the product http://www.gp.com/build/product.aspx?pid=4684

I like my floors to be one level throughout. I don’t like to see or to have different elevations between hardwood and ceramic tile for example.
I have renovated and built many new washrooms and I use 3/4" plywood with a cement based Polymer adhesive. This does the job everytime.

Rubber membrane for a tub/shower? I’ve seen rubber membranes for the shower pan (not the walls) in a walk-in shower application, but only tile over hardibacker over drywall for the surround in a tub/shower situation.

[quote=Bill Featherstone]
What would you use on the floor?

Check out a product called “ditramat”
pricey, but works great


Saw this product used on the TV show “Holmes on Homes” … I’m a big fan of the show … that’s good enough for me.

[quote=Bill Featherstone]

I guess if Mike Holmes uses the product than it’s OK. WOW!!!

Mike Holmes has everybody fooled. You do not need to use expensive products that he endorses on TV Remember who the sponsor of his show is? [Home Depot]


Thanks for busting my bubble.

So, I should start watching his show less and start reading posts on this board more?

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Hi. Bill;

I don’t think anyone here is for the benefit of bursting one’s bubble as you said.
We are all here to help and Mario has some good points as to the promotion of the product that gives this guy a paycheck.

In all honesty, ceramic tile should not be installed on:

Flake Board
Particle board
Hard board
Vinyl tile and linoleum
Press board
and anything less than a subfloor that consist of at least 1&1/4" thickness.

OSB layer on typical framing should be supplemented with at least a 5/8" BCX plywood nailed at 6" or screwed on center.

A fortified latex thin set material should be used and the reason for the 1&1/4" material is to maintain the 1/360 deflection as reccommended by the tile institute and reccommended practices.

The other alternative would be to use the recent cementious board set in thin set material for adhesion and install the tile.

Hope this helps.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Good … now I can watch Mike’s show tonight now, as originally planned, albeit with a more cynical eye. :wink:

Thanks for the info, Marcel!

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You can watch Mike all you want,I sometimes watch his show myself. The point is that he has an unlimited budget for all his projects and a sponsor to please. You can decide what is best for you and your washroom reno.

Good Luck

Originally Posted by Bill Featherstone
I guess if Mike Holmes uses the product than it’s OK. WOW!!!

I posted about ditramat because it is a product I have used and trust.
As for Holmes,I’ve never seen him except on coffee commercials.

I build so I don’t have to mess with it for at least 20 years.

I have a section of cement board in my back yard, leaning against a tree. Been there for 5 years and looks as good as new.

THAT"S what I’m talking about. :cool:

Proof is always in the pudding.

Exactly what brand and type of cement board is decorating your back yard?

Found a pretty good pdf on tile showers, etc…

.pdf"]Link to pdf](http://www.colbyinspections.com/uploads/KerdiShowerBook1)

It’s an 81 pager…full of good stuff.