Wood Destroying Insect Damage

Can anyone give a possible cause for this wood damage. This is the only area, no evidence of termites anywhere in the home. The home was built in the 20’s and I am thinking this damage has been there almost as long.


It doesn’t look like insect damage. It appears to be natural growth defects (similar to, but not, burl wood) and is why it was installed in the orientation it was in the location it was.

See “Slope of Grain”… https://www.davidstimber.com.au/resource-centre/wood-defects/




Thanks for the info Jeffrey

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JJ is correct!
It reminded me of Cerambycidae, nicknamed Old House Borers.
However I see no yellow/goldish “fecal matter” which would resemble a fine consistency face powder.

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Jeez dude. Don’t act so surprised!! :wink:

It has been there (in the wood) longer than since the 1920s, Joseph. LOL