Wood plates/shims on masonry piers supporting girder?

What do you think of this pier system in a brand new house?
Yes, that is a hole in the masonry block in picture entitled “pier2”.




What area is in our part of the world .
I can not believe there was apermit for this construction .
Roy Cooke sr.

In NC. And they passed all code inspections and received a cert. of occupancy. The builder said he could explain this construction to the buyer after he saw my report. The buyer walked.

I would not have walked I would have run far and fast.
This is an accident waiting to happen. Hope you wrote hard and often.
Roy Cooke sr

What other short cuts (if you can even call them that:roll:) were taken in this construction.

I’m with Roy… Run Forest, RUN!!!

They claim you can’t fight City Hall, but I would have taken these photos and submitted the report and asked for an explaination of these building techniques approved assummingly after the permit was issued. I also would have asked who approved the work and signed the acceptance of code compliance.

Yeah, I would love to do something like that in my jurisdiction. ha. ha.

Marcel :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Interesting .
We have done an inspection that does not belong to us to use as we see fit we did the inspection for some one else.
Now if it is dangerous to life this could be a different story.
I wonder where our jurisdiction belongs in this case,
Marcel raises a very interesting point .
Other opinions appreciated .
Roy Cooke Sr