Wood stove damper

Wood burning stove.
No damper installed in stove pipe
Safety issue?

my damper is in the stove…not in the pipe…

I can’t see how it would be a safety issue. It might cause the wood to burn too fast though.

Only on real old stoves newer stoves are controlled by amount of air allowed in .

Exactly, Roy…:)…Air tight…if you cut the air off the fire goes out

“Wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts by design have internal chambers, flues, dampers, etc. These devices are not examined to determine whether they need to be cleaned or whether they are adequate or safe for use. It is recommended that the buyer obtain the operator’s manual and/or have these devices examined by a qualified professional. A wood burning stove prevents an examination of the fireplace and flue, so we recommend a thorough examination of the fireplace and chimney by a specialist.”

Hey I’m impressed…The big guy responded. lol. Seriously, thanks.
Just to clarify, my question was regarding a damper installed inside the stove pipe. Operated by a handle on the outside.
To me it is an issue. Though not necessarily a safety issue. I agree, most newer airtight stoves may kill the fire if you close the air supply. Not all newer stoves are airtight. The one in question is a new (3 years) stove, yet it is bolted and designed similar to the old “pot belly” stoves.
I was just curious what the thoughts were about the safety aspect.
An out of control fire in the fire box (and yes, it does happen) can be easier to control if a pipe damper exists. The damper also allows better control of heat retention when the wind is blowing.
I personally would not have a wood stove without the ability to shut the whole system down, but that is my personal preference. Didn’t know if there was any official documentation about it.

Great statement

Correct. We use flue dampers in the mountains because the high wind (3-second, 140 MPH bursts) creates a Venturi effect. It will almost lift the wood out of the fire box.

Wind always blows. :wink:

Exactly - otherwise we call it “air”.

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