Do NOT light a fire in here!!

I had a house this week where the wood stove was terrible! The fire had gotten so hot that the fire bricks had disintegrated and there was a hole burnt through the side of it as well as the top. The wood stove was modified for gas and the burners were burnt as well. No damper. The wood stove was embedded in the wall. Major safety hazard!! I told the home owner not to use it. She told me that they only use it on weekends so they wouldn’t be using it until Friday. I then told her that under NO terms should it ever be used. She didn’t seem concerned. (Picture #3 shows a hole in the side of the wood stove) I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if they burn their house down or not.

That stove has problems for sure.
The stove is a similar design as my Quadra Fire 4100i. The pipes with the hole in them are not for gas convertion in my system. They are part of the system design to reburn the smoke to make it more efficient.
Burning it 24/7, I take mine apart every year and clean it and replace parts, including firebrick, as needed. My is a fantastic stove and puts out an amazing amount of heat. Just an FYI…

That’s interesting. I had never heard of a stove like this. It was just so damaged I was afraid of the safety of the occupants knowing that they use it on a regular basis.

The stove is definitely baffed out, and shouldn’t be used. The tubes with the holes are the air inlets in a non-catalytic type stove, not for re-burning the smoke.

Look up manifold tubes (they are not for LP or Natural gas):

The Quadra-Fire 4100-I ACT Wood Inserts meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 1990 particulate emis[FONT=Arial,Arial][size=2]sion standards.