Wood stove installaion

Question for anyone that can help answer this. I found fiberglass insulation installed in the flue of the chimney around the 4 in flue pipe for a wood stove. Used to block the draft from putting the metal flue up the chimney. You can see it from looking up the flue from inside the house. This is regular insulation for walls that does not have a paper vapor barrier. I don’t normally see this. Most of the time i see a sheet metal cover or foil backed insulation to draftproof the chimney. The stove store that installed it says it is ok because fiberglass insulation is not a fire hazard. Any comments would be appreciated.

I had a chimney stamped do not allow insulation closer than 2 inches .


As the Stove Store Guy to show you the installation manual for the installed flue pipe.

Thanks Guys I thought that was right and i will call him tommorow and have him show me the specs.

Just read this post and was wondering what the final findings were. My insert has been set up this way, wrapped in insulation , for the last 16 years and I have had no problem, but now after reading this I am curious, since I need to replace the insulation due to rain water getting into it.

Thanks in advance…

If any insulation is used at all in contact with a flue, I believe it should be **fire-safing insulation, **not typical fiberglass insulation. Berst would be a thimble manufactured for the purpose, preferably by the flue manufacturer.



Why not install some sort of collar at the chimney penetration. This will prevent draft from entering the outer flue cavities.