Wood strapping on exterior of the foundation wall

This must be a local issue in Vancouver, BC, on newer constructions I sometimes see a small area of concrete foundation wall with 1x4 wood strapping buried in concrete. It sure looked like invitation for moisture to get behind water proofing membrane, and I called it out for removal and patch with concrete. But after seeing it again and again, I started to suspect it’s a feature rather than a bug, appreciate sharing your thoughts.

nail siding onto the foundation

The siding was supposed to come down farther on the wall. They decided not too. I would call up the lack of parging and waterproofing in that area though.

Thanks for the reply, in my area siding never extends below the top of the foundation wall, and the wood strapping I saw only installed in a small areas of the foundation wall, not all around. I saw it mostly on newer constructions.

Parging is not required by code and rarely if ever do I see a parging on a poured foundation but I would note the bad pour on the steps. That’s gonna deteriorate fast.

Found the same thing today. P8170027

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An image would help. Sometimes nailers are berried in concrete forms and not extracted.

Opinion, those nailing strips should have been removed sense they were not being used.

That would be termite heaven down here in GA.

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