Words or paragraph in template help needed

I need help here customizing my templates. How can I make a single word or a paragraph; Bold, Underlined, Colored or in Italics in my Templates?
I can’t seem to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Ryan

What device are you attempting this on?

Are you trying to make one word or paragraph in a narrative different than the rest? Cannot be done.

Yes, that is exactly what I was trying to do. That would be a nice option to have. We have that option when typing in on this forum.
Maybe on the next HIP update :wink:
Thanks for the response.

Laptop computer (with Windows 7)

I agree, it would be a nice option to have.

Hmm… you can do it with Homegauge.

Thats where I seen it, Frank. I thought it looked like a nice touch and was trying to apply it to my HIP Damage and Selection part of my templates. Thanks.

Ryan, you can change the color of the item descriptor such as materials, observations, etc under Report Settings - Formatting. Then the narratives themselves can each have a different color. As Ian mentioned each individual narrative can only be one color but by changing the descriptor I think you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Dom I think he wants to use color in the way someone would use a Bold Font emphasis something.


Is is king of lame that a program as powerful as HIP sometimes can NOT do rather simple things.

But I am sure Dom will figure it out soon.

It comes down to trying to keep things simple and figuring out how to do that when adding new features. For example, right now you can have unlimited advanced colors when you select comment. The question is if we bold or italic or color a font that already has one of those properties set as a default, then what should happen. It’s definitely something that should be added as we’ve gotten a few requests for it over the years, I just need to figure out a way to implement it without complicating the simplicity in the software right now. We have a few other big features we are working on right now but I’ll look at this more once I can get some of these other updates off our plate! Even having 3 full time programmers right now isn’t enough to keep up with all the great ideas we get from you guys.

Yes I agree. Asked Dom this question before also.

Thanks for looking into it Dom. I’m not so worried about making a single word a different color in a paragragh or statement, but the ability to make a word or two bold or underlined would be a great option to have in the selection panel and/or narratives. Thanks again.


Would it make a difference if the color choices were limited to three choices in conjunction with the **Bold Bold Bold **feature (only)?

No, it would be the same. Once we’ve decided on the logic between how it interacts with the red/black and advanced color buttons then it doesn’t matter how many. For example, Advanced Color option probably won’t need to exist when we make this change.

Hmm… you can do it with Homegauge. Did I say that already?:slight_smile:

You’re correct but there’s a ton of things that HIP can do that you can’t do in HomeGauge. :smiley: We build features based on inspector requests. This hasn’t been requested all that often.

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